The Inspiration behind

City Crochet Boutique



Picture It Jupiter, Florida 2002....

" Who doesn't love the Golden Girls ?"


OKAY, OKAY ,OKAY, back to the story!


Dominique, born in the capital of Haiti in 1955, As a child her upbringing was influenced by the European and French culture . Her parents instilled in her Morals, Love and Fashion.

It all started with a doll house her dad made for her, Instead of Dominique going to play with friends in the court yard she would make furniture with her dad for her doll house. Once she was done making furniture, she started to get bored with her dolls clothing selection. It was history in the making, she would sit in the yard with her Mother and Grandmother and sew and crochet doll clothing. It didn't stop there, later down the line she would learn to how to pick quality fabric, designing her own patterns and weave basket  "she really didn't like weaving baskets".

Decades later, Dominique had children of her own and passed down her knowledge of sewing and crocheting.